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Special Interview with Allan Domb, One of the Nominees for Philadelphia Mayorial Candidacy in 2023

The Mayoral Candidate for Philadelphia governs the city’s conditions, spanning ​​nearly 143 square miles. This area covers the Kensington area, to the Center City area, where spans of empty lands and high crime rates have persisted for over the past 5 years. 

He is Allan Domb, one of the nominees for Philadelphia’s mayoral candidacy in the upcoming 2023 election. In his first 100 days as Mayor of Philadelphia, Domb outlined 10 first steps he would make to his 1.6 million residents to feel safe. Among them: Take firm action against perpetrators of retail theft; increase protection programs for victims of hate crimes, and install cameras at every high school in Philadelphia.

“Only 72 people have committed retail crimes and they have never been punished,” said Allan Domb. In fact, he continued, ”A killer was caught having committed a crime 18 times. He should be in jail so he doesn’t go around committing crimes anymore,” said Allan Domb, who owns hundreds of properties and is nicknamed the “Philly Condo King”. Police personnel will be increased in number, as well as programs to protect crimes motivated by Racism, Religion and Gender, which will be heavily encouraged.

Speaking of the Kensington area, which is known throughout the US, even abroad, as the drug district or ‘Wal-Mart of Heroin’, Allan Domb was embarrassed. ”It’s really embarrassing. That shouldn’t have happened,” he said. The 68-year-old businessman promised to deal with drug addicts, including returning them to their families, after undergoing a rehabilitation program, and severely punishing dealers. “The victims must be cured before returning to their families,” he said.

Allan Domb’s interview took place in one of his offices in the Center City area, Philadelphia, which is used as the campaign headquarters, Wednesday 25 January 2023. (DP & FF)


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