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With Tom Hanks Aboard, ‘Saturday Night Live’ Parodies Final Presidential Debate

The New York Times — After Donald J. Trump deemed “Saturday Night Live” a “hit job” last week, the show wasted no time in skewering his latest debate performance against Hillary Clinton. The opening sketch again featured Alec Baldwin as Mr. Trump and Kate McKinnon as Mrs. Clinton, this time with Tom Hanks as the moderator Chris Wallace, and covered Mr. Trump’s inconsistent foreign policy and inflammatory catchphrase.

The sketch begins with Mr. Trump promising to be calm and collected before erupting into a brasher persona: calling the Mexican president “Mr. Guacamole,” blurting out “bad hombre” and “nasty woman,” and stumbling through an incoherent description of the situation in the Middle East.

In the sketch, Mr. Trump refuses to accept the results of the election and accuses the media of rigging it, “by taking all of the things I say and all of the things I do and putting them on TV.” Mr. Baldwin also poked fun at his own brother Stephen, who is a Trump supporter.

Ms. McKinnon, meanwhile, took a triumphant tone as Mrs. Clinton, wriggling out of a question involving WikiLeaks and gleefully reciting her résumé from the last 30 years. As she pivoted toward the electorate (“Who do you trust to be your president: the Republican, or Donald Trump?”), Mr. Trump pivoted toward the day after Election Day: “On Nov. 9, make sure to check out Trump TV — you’re going to hate it.”

Later in the show, Mr. Hanks portrayed a Trump supporter who surprisingly finds common ground with attendees on “Black Jeopardy,” a recurring “S.N.L.” skit.

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