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Anonymous just declared war against Donald Trump

Zach Cartwright/ – Donald Trump has attracted the attention of Anonymous, which warned him that uncomfortable details about his life and business will soon come to light.

One of the primary Twitter accounts for the internet’s most notorious hacktivist collective tweeted multiple times at the President-elect on Sunday night, shortly after Trump attacked civil rights icon John Lewis and blasted Saturday Night Live as “the worst of NBC” (oddly enough the same network that carries the reality TV show for which Trump is listed as an executive producer).


In a series of responses to one of Trump’s tweets accusing outgoing CIA director John Brennan of leaking the infamous “Golden Showers” dossier, @YourAnonCentral told the President-elect that his dealings with “Russian mobsters, child traffickers, and money launderers” would soon come to light. Anonymous also ominously warned Trump that information on the internet is there forever, and that his rich father can’t protect him anymore.

Anonymous’ references to Trump’s ties to child sex trafficking could be in reference to his numerous flights on billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” — the name of his private jet which is rumored to have featured child sex slaves. Trump was accused of child rape by a woman identifying herself as “Jane Doe,” who said in a complaint that she was raped by Trump at a party while being held in captivity by Epstein when she was just 13 years old. While that lawsuit has since been dropped, it’s unclear whether or not Anonymous has previously undisclosed information about Trump’s ties to Epstein.

If the hacktivist collective does indeed have explosive information on Trump, his next four years will likely be particularly stressful.



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