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Two men were arrested for having sex in Bed Bath & Beyond

While most people romanticize the endless options of towel racks and tea kettles at Bed Bath & Beyond, two men in Clifton, New Jersey decided to romance each other.

According to, an employee discovered the 28-year-old men engaged in a sexual act on a display bed in store in the middle of business hours. Look, we’ve all got excited about finding air freshener on sale, but never that much so.

Police arrived at the Bed Bath & Beyond around 5 p.m. on Monday after receiving reports from the staff and customers who just wanted to look at the pillowcases, OK? Both suspects were charged with lewdness, criminal mischief, and possession of marijuana. One of the unnamed men also faced charges for having an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Local police said it is unknown if the men were intoxicated or under the influence, which left their motives unclear. One or both men was also infected with scabies, an contagious skin condition caused by burrowing mites. Officers responding to the situation were treated at a local hospital after exposure, and put on leave to avoid possible contamination at the Clifton police department. An incident reported show the booking station was also fumigated for mites.

As for the bed, according to Bed Bath & Beyond’s senior manager of public relations and social media, Jessica Joyce, the display in question was immediately pulled and discarded. That’s probably for the best. (

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