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Danielle & Farees, new artists from Dang Dut in America

LOS ANGELES, CA – NSR Entertainment is home to two amazing artists from Dangdut in America that have set out to make a lasting imprint on the music industry. First up is Danielle Desiree, a Delaware-based artist who is comprised of a great deal of innate talent. Not only can Danielle Desiree sing in English, she can also sing in Indonesian- Rissa Asnan presented the language to the artist whom she introduced Dangdut music to her, allowing her to learn how to sing in Bahasa. Being an avid listener and fan of the music in Indonesia, she aspires to weave these Indonesian musical influences and beats into the songs she sings in English.


The female artist grew up watching old Bollywood films, in which she thoroughly enjoyed dancing to the music. She remembered these influences and utilized them later in her career, which has widely contributed to her versatility as an artist. When asked how she started out in her career, she recalls an instance in which her friend was in search of a female singer, in which Danielle Desiree stepped up to the plate. Since then, she has stayed in sync with the music and overall feeling from singing that she has possessed from day one.

Danielle Desiree’s latest hit single is titled “Kinyis Kinyis”, which embodies her style as an artist. The hot track is composed by Sandy Sulung and includes a feature from Reign da God, a local rapper based in Delaware. The artist’s mission in her career is for her fans to dance to the music, and enjoy feeling the energy she projects and naturally possesses. When she is on stage, she taps into her feelings and is completely genuine in her performances, which is something her fans deeply appreciate.

The second artist that is in collaboration with NSR Entertainment is Farees Kaleemah, another Delaware native. Farees got his start when he was in middle school, in which he recalls how he would sing all the time. Though he initially didn’t receive a lot of support from his surroundings, his choir director saw something special in him. After continuing on with his singing, he wound up falling in love with art.

Eventually, he attended Delaware State University, where he connected with the music technology program instructor. After crossing paths, this allowed Farees to get his work done in extended studio sessions. By the age of 18, he learned how to be a full-blown producer, and landed an internship at Atlantic Records shortly thereafter. After beginning his internship in Atlanta, he linked up with major DJ Don Cannon, who produces for Lil Uzi Vert, and released a project titled “The Education of Lauryn Hill’s Son”.

Since the drop of the project five months ago, he has been steadily perfecting his latest single “Indonesian Girl”, featuring Delaware rapper L.A.S., which is how he connected with Rissa Asnan of NSR Entertainment. This track is a mix of American culture meshed with Indonesian influences, which makes it a definite melodic beat.

Next on the horizon for Farees is entering a new genre, and developing more crossover music. Farees aspires to stay true to himself, and not succumb to what any other artist is doing.

Both Danielle Desiree and Farees Kaleemah will be embarking on a tour overseas in Indonesia during the month of October. The two talented artists are excited to share their music with their overseas fans, as well as continue the success in their individual careers.

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