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At least Five Americans accidentally shot off their penises since 2010 — The Internet is abuzz this week with the unfortunate mishap of one security guard in Trinidad who accidentally shot his dick off with a .38 firearm. That sucks, but this isn’t the first time that a potential Darwin Award nominee robbed himself of manhood. At least five similar incidents have been reported in the United States within the last three years.

If these cases don’t sway macho man constitutionalists to support gun control, then I don’t know what.

1. September 2012: Michael Smeriglio, while cleaning his pistol

The 18-year old Floridian shot a bullet through his penis and left testicle while he was attempting to clean a gun he bought at a party the month prior.

2. July 2012: Tavares Colbert, while testing out a firearm

Colbert, 36, was charged with illegal firearms possession after he admitted to the cops that he had intentions to sell the gun to another man outside a 7-Eleven in Oklahoma. On the way to make the sale, Colbert tested the gun in the car and shot himself in the nads. (via)

3. August 2011: Joshua Seto, walking into store with girlfriend

27-year old Seto was walking into a store with his girlfriend in Chandler, Arizona, when a pink pistol went off in his pants. Putz. (via)

4. May 2010: Unidentified man, shopping at Lowe’s


A lone shopper blew away his testicles on a Sunday afternoon while walking the aisles at Lowe’s Home Improvement in Washington state. The gun was kept not-so-safely in his waistband. (via)

5. March 2010: Unidentified teenager, walking into medical center 

A 17-year old in Vallejo, California, was spotted holding his wounded crotch while walking into the emergency room. At the time of the report, the kid didn’t tell anyone what happened. (via)

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